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i'm hosting several virtual server on mumble V1.2 but i didnt find anything about creating separate superuser account for each virtual server.

If someone could help me to find a tools or something, i'll appreciate :)



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Well. One way to set a password for it would be the console:

./murmur.x86 --help

Usage: ./murmur.x86 [-ini ] [-supw ]

-ini Specify ini file to use.

-supw [srv] Set password for 'SuperUser' account on server srv.

-readsupw [srv] Reads password for server srv from standard input.

-v Add verbose output.

-fg Don't detach from console [unix-like systems only].

-wipessl Remove SSL certificates from database.

-version Show version information.

If no inifile is provided, murmur will search for one in

default locations.


Notice that the supw command takes a virtual server ID as a second parameter after the password.

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No. As I wrote this is for setting the password per virtual server. If you give this parameter to the binary it'll set the password and return immediately. Also you can do this while the server is running...

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