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Mumble audio lagg


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Hi, we got a problem with our mumble server and we cant figure it out and hope someone here know the problem.

The problem we having is if more then 20 people is online or more then 6 people in 1 room and someone talk then the audio

is lagging badly and if its less then 20 people or 6 people in the same room then the audio is fine no lagg at all.

like 4 people in the same room then the audio is fine no lagg at all then 2 more come in to the same room and the audo start lagg,

we have check pretty much every thing in the settings.ini and cant figure this one out we have also reboot connection.

and nothing is wrong with the server compiuter we have cs server on it and its having normal ping and no lagg at all while

mumble audio is lagging.

hope you guys understand what problem we are having even if my english isnt that good :P.

server computer

Win xp pro sp3
amd athelon II X3 435
2.91 ghz 3.25 gb ram




# Password to join server

# Maximum bandwidth (in bits per second) clients are allowed
# to send speech at.

# Maximum number of concurrent clients allowed.

# Regular expression used to validate channel names
# (note that you have to escape backslashes with \ )
#channelname=[ \\-=\\w\\#\\[\\]\\{\\}\\(\\)\\@\\|]+

# Regular expression used to validate user names
# (note that you have to escape backslashes with \ )

# Maximum length of text messages in characters. 0 for no limit.

# Maximum length of text messages in characters, with image data. 0 for no limit.

# Allow clients to use HTML in messages, user comments and channel descriptions?

# Murmur retains the per-server log entries in an internal database which
# allows it to be accessed over D-Bus/ICE.
# How many days should such entries be kept?
# Set to 0 to keep forever, or -1 to disable logging to the DB

# To enable public server registration, the serverpassword must be blank, and
# this must all be filled out.
# The password here is used to create a registry for the server name; subsequent
# updates will need the same password. Don't lose your password.
# The URL is your own website, and only set the registerHostname for static IP
# addresses.
# Only uncomment the 'registerName' parameter if you wish to give your "Root" channel a custom name.
#registerName=Mumble Server

# To enable bonjour service discovery uncomment the following line.
# To change the name announced by bonjour adjust the registerName variable.
# See for more information
# about bonjour.

# If you have a proper SSL certificate, you can provide the filenames here.
# Otherwise, Murmur will create it's own certificate automatically.

# If murmur is started as root, which user should it switch to?
# This option is ignored if murmur isn't started with root privileges.

# If this options is enabled, only clients which have a certificate are allowed
# to connect.

# You can configure any of the configuration options for Ice here. We recommend
# leave the defaults as they are.
# Please note that this section has to be last in the configuration file.

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