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Single user comes across garbled


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I am having a problem where a single user is consistently coming across garbled. I have heard of 2 of us having issues hearing this same user, but at least 10 others have no issue with him at all. This shouldn't be a problem with his bandwidth as I hear others in his house using other systems just fine. And I assume it isn't an issue with my bandwidth as I hear everyone else in the same channel and the same time just fine.

Any ideas?

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I'm having the same issue, with a single user whom I used to hear just fine. All parties (myself, him, and those that hear both of us fine) are using 1.2.3, all on Windows 7. We've both tried reinstalling, disabling QoS, enabling TCP only mode, and messing with our sound settings in mumble, all to no avail. We get severe static and popping from one-another when talking.

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