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Murmur for Android?


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It may be possible but you have to compile murmur for android's architecture (arm) and somehow get the required libraries.

It could be possible with Necessitas, which is a port of the Qt framework for Android: http://necessitas.kde.org/

However, I couldn't get it to compile. (But I'm an absolute beginner so that does in no way mean it's not possible).

Out of curiosity: What do you want to do that you need to get murmur running on Android?

If you are planning to use a tablet or something similar as a server than you might be able to install other Linux distros on that to achieve what you want.

I remember having seen pictures of Ubuntu running on android tablets...

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Thanks for your reply, I feel comfortable with compiling and tweaking stuff, since this is not a standard issue.

Basically, I have an Android tablet with broken touchscreen (everything else works great), and I am a guild-leader of a Guild Wars 2 guild, so we could use a guild-mumble-server.

I mean - it's just lying around there, and if I could run mumble-server on it, it would be a great use of somewhat "broken" device.

I don't expect many people to be there simultaneously online - 10 would be maximum.

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