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4 years of Running mumble servers(problems noticed)


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I've been running mumble servers for 4 years now, for guilds in games and a large public server in NZ

You folks who've made mumble have done an awesome job, and I'm slowly converting people to it one guild at a time.

The things I've noticed that make it hard for people to convert from vent/teamspeak(due to mumble being free, opensource, better sounding/voice normalisation) to this are simple, not bugs, but should be easily sorted if anyones interested

these are basically the things I've noticed people have problems with(most of them are vary between computer illiterate and semi) :

Push to talk Vs auto voice activated: Push to talk setup on the install should be the recommended over the auto voice activation. Most people have problems setting up the voice activated setup on mumble install and end up breathing heavy/having music blaring in the backround,

Possible solution: if the client had the person forced to choose a push to talk button, and the voice activation left to be setup in the settings menu if they choose to, alot of confusion would be gone for alot of vent converters.

SSL Auto Message: the Huge auto SSL message on first time Join of a run of the mill server to long did not read is the usual, but click no, then can't get on

Possible solution: bold red text at the top with a short message saying this is the auto security certificate, click yes if you wish to connect, no if not.

None of these are demands, just what I've noticed, any of these fixed up would make the task of converting the masses to mumble alot easyer

I love mumble its been an awesome program, far better quality than vent, with no super loud voices or super quiet ones, cuts out non-voice as much as possible, and doesnt require stupid licencing solutions to host a free server

Edit: At the time Of Writing, I've been using the 1.2.3a mumble/murmur client/server if any of these have been addressed in 1.2.4 Please ignore, Cheers

Edit to remove things already fixed in 1.2.4.

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Thanks for taking the time to write these down.

In 1.2.4 the message for "Name already in Use" should be improved. Also "Sound Source change Windows 7" should be resolved. For the other things you should create (seperate) feature requests in our tracker so we can properly handle them. Otherwise there'll be duplicates and forgotten stuff and everyone will end up confused where to look at for such stuff :D



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Thanks again for the elaborative feedback!

As for the servers added to favorites only save IPs instead of hostnames: Checking my favorites via edit I can still see the hostname.

Could you check if this was a 1.2.3 issue that is solved in 1.2.4?

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Can confirm 1.2.4-rc1-8-gb115a29 (Snapshot) has solved the hostname issue in the public server listings

And I think I made a feature request in the sourceforge about the auto voice activation/forced push to talk thing(tho I don't know if I did it right, I don't use sourceforge's feedback reasources often)

the above problem really is the big one that stumps most new comers as they hit the recommended auto voice activation then we can hear a baby crying or music blaring in the backround and have to spend 5 - 10 mins a person explaining how to setup push to talk to the computer illiterate ones

gaming clans tend to have push to talk as a requirement for many of the games, and those who don't tend to be competent enough to be able to setup auto voice activation from the configure menu anyway

so it would greatly help

Cheers much appreciated :D

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