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issue with Mumble 1.2.3a install


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Hey guys. someone i know is having issues installing the latest version of mumble. i have done some troubleshooting and work with him on this but have yet to find a fix. This issue is when he gets to the end of the install he gets an error messages stating.

An error occured while attempting to create the directory C:\users\public

The directory already exits.

he is using windows 7 and has full admin rights on his account.

Any help on what can be done?

We have already ensured everything of mumble was cleared from the computer and a fresh download of the latest version was used for the install. Any help would be great, thanks

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what is it mumble is trying to do here? is it possible i can send him the files its trying to create manually. have him put them in the right place. and then mumble will recognize that they are there and just move on? if he leaves the error message alone. He can then go into mumble and run the exe. and he can start and run Mumble. Log in and talk. but once he wants to log out. if he clicks on that cancel button on the error. it rolls the install back to nothing. and then he has to reinstall again to be able to log in again. and rinse and repeat.

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