Hello! Introducing myself

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Hello! Introducing myself

Postby Entrepwn3rr » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:42 pm


I use Mumble everyday for my gaming community and its been a staple part of developing my website (http://www.gamersbyte.com), community, and network. So to the developers, I just wanted to say thanks. Also, I'll be lingering in this forum and participating here and there.

I'm an information technology professional with a background in end user support, system administration, networking, and more. I'm also a gamer when I have the free time. I've been gaming since the early 90's and started with DOS games, NES games, DOOM, WarCraft 2, Unreal Tournament. I'm usually on Steam if you ever want to get a game in. I wish I did stuff outside more. Hopefully when my website is stable, I'll start doing that a bit this Summer :geek:

I'm currently not much of a developer. However, using web technology, WordPress, PHP, CSS, HTML, and JS has started an desire to learn development. So hopefully I'll follow that soon.

Looking foward to mumbling with you guys. :)
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