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Record conversation with MumbleKit in a iOS project

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I could integrate MumbleKit into a iOS project. It works fine :)

Now I need to record conversations locally at the device to reproduce them later.
I saw a variable name isRecording in MKUser, but it is private and I cannot access it.

How can I record this conversation?

Thanks in advance,
There is no recording functionality in MumbleKit itself.

However, it is possible to hack something onto MumbleKit itself.

For example, here's the point where the clients own mic data is handled: ... put.m#L169

And here's where everyone's voices are mixed together and written to the output buffer: ... tput.m#L73

About short * frame at ... tput.m#L73

Code: Select all

[_device setupOutput:^BOOL(short *frames, unsigned int nsamp) {
            return [self mixFrames:frames amount:nsamp];
How can I convert those frames into a mp3 or wav or something to storage the audio ?
I need to record the whole conversation input and output.

Thanks in advance,