Hello fellow programmers.
I am new into the world of Android based Applications. I can create the most basic things in Android studio and learning the logic of the software. I am trying to import/open Mumble open source file i got from Github but seem to be failing with something and can't figure out what i am doing wrong. First attempt it will create the Gradle file for me and import all Libraries necessary to launch after all is done when trying to run the code into a android phone it will tell me the MNotification (setEventListenerInfo) is no longer supported according to my research. I can't figure out how to have this source running before i start studying how it works so i can continue with this example.

Thanks in advance for any help.

https://github.com/pcgod/mumble-android Code used for Mumble
https://github.com/acomminos/Plumble Code used for Plumble

In Plumble the error i get is there is no class called Default.