Reviving the Android client; Mumla

Everything related to the inofficial Mumble client on Android named Plumble
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Reviving the Android client; Mumla

Post by quite »

Hi all!

I've taken to fork Andrew Comminos venerable Plumble, with the intention of trying to maintain it. Hopefully with from help from the community. The name is Mumla -- which happens to mean mumble in Swedish; the Jumble lib is called Humla, bumblebee.

Most of the work so far has gone into bringing up the code base to build using current Android SDK, using AndroidX compat modules, properly requesting permissions, etc.

Here is a small project page with links to source code repository etc:
And as well a link into the Gitlab CI system, which should produce fresh debug builds on every commit to the master branch. Please try it out!

I'm not much of a web forum guy, but I'll check about the board now and then. I'm also sitting on the channel #mumla on Freenode IRC server. But I mostly hope you'll join in on Gitlab to discuss issues, and perhaps even merge requests ;)


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Re: Reviving the Android client; Mumla

Post by kissaki »

Thank you for the effort!

I already added it to the list of third party clients in the wiki when you announced it on IRC several days ago.

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Re: Reviving the Android client; Mumla

Post by N8LHG »

That's awesome that someone is taking it over. The older 2015 client I had isn't retrieving the server lists anymore. Mumla seems to resolve that.

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