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Problem with download link

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I cant reach the win 32-bit download file.
So I tryed isitdownrightnow:

--> does not work for them, too, so I guess there is an issue.

pls help :-)
The downloads are hosted by GitHub. The link works for me. Please try again in a few minutes. It should resolve itself/upstream.
Does not work for me.
Checked again from an other location service: -> does not work.
Here is the result page to show what I see:

Yesterdays test service fails again:

I dont get it, what am I doing wrong?
Still does not work for me, nor the host-check services, confusing.
Asked a friend in vienna to check the link - *klick* - worked.

So, now i have the file, but no clue.
Please stop investigating about it, i think its no use.
I would like to know why check-host got this result, but well:

Finally, I want to thank the developers for this great tool, it just does what it should, leightweight, portable - great.
follow up:

Now the download works. I did not change anything. hmpf
The magic of cloud computing. :D

Thank you for the voiced appreciation.