Client-Mumble for Raspberry ??

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Client-Mumble for Raspberry ??

Postby tetox » Fri May 24, 2013 2:34 pm

Hello ... at all ..
It 's the first time that I attempt with Murmur / Mumble with Raspberry,
I installed happily Mumble-server on RPI and everything is 'ok, now I have this problem ... if I wanted to install on the server along with the RPI also a client mumble .. and' possible? a first search I found the client NOT-mumble for the RPI.
I kindly advice .. Thanks

Unfortunately, the inexperience does make big mistakes . :oops: .. I solved ..
installing the server I typed "apt-get install mumble-server 'and' just type" apt-get install mumble "to install the client on 'RPI.
I apologize for the inexperience had, and for disturbing the forum.
Have a nice evening
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