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Gif animation

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Hi mumble team can you in the next version implement gif animation, i tried to rename a gif animation to jpg but only the first image can be seen by others for pc version thanx.

Even with the file open dialog filter not including *.gif I can manually enter the gif filename to open it.
It then displays the first frame of the animation from the gif.
So, will there be gifs?
Funny gifs are often the highlight of our TS3 server and without them, there is no way i can persuade my friends to switch to Mumble.
This would even be a chance to outmatch TS3's 300x300 gif size limit.
I am a programmer, maybe I could add the support myself?
I don’t think this is a priority for us right now, although the code change may not be that big.

Making gifs available are probably most useful for *fun* indeed, but could also be used for guides for example - although one has to wonder if inside Mumble would be the place for that.
They can however also be used for abuse and annoyance. Though that’s the case for a lot of other stuff as well - just needs moderation …

Sure you could add the support yourself.
You could open a feature request for further discussion,
or straight away implement it and send a pull request on github.
I can’t give you a pointer where to start though. The imaging stuff is provided by Qt though.