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Screen capture issue - only with Mumble

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Attempting to screencap some of the Mumble windows to put into a tutorial for those wishing to use the Mumble server on our local gaming website, but I haven't been able to.

Only need to cap specific regions of the windows that show, with the config required for our server.

I have never had an issue before with my staple screencap software, Gadwin Printscreen, but when that wouldn't do it I tried my next fave, Screenshot Captor, and that wouldn't do it either !

As soon as I minimise the Mumble window I can screencap anything I want, just not when the Mumble window is open. Anyone else ever experienced this and whats the workaround ??

(Please don't tell me your fave screencap program unless you KNOW it works with opened Mumble windows. Ta.)

Forgot to add that I was able to (somehow) get one screencap of the initial Mumble window before it is connected to any server, or any menu windows are opened. If either of those conditions occur, then I can't capture a Mumble window.
Please be more specific on capturing which windows does not work, and how you capture (rectangle region of the screen? a window?).

I just tried with Greenshot on a multi-monitor setup. I was able to capture the main mumble window as well as my maximized Firefox on my Win7 x64.