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there is a weird issue that Mumble sometimes can't launched with the PAF launcher. I need you to reproduce it because it's working for me. Thanks in advance
Download, install and run:
See bug reports:

best regards
Sorry worked first time every time for me. Does the launcher rely on .net framework or anything like that? maybe firewall blocking the launcher from calling another program?
The launcher and the Format don't rely on anything. But maybe Mumble has some unkown dependencies?

Any more feedback?
Best wishes for all.
I tried today with WinXP SP3 32bit and it is working fine.
Also, I tried it in Windows 7 SP1 Starter (in Virtualbox) but the launcher (MumblePortable) did not work. Only the splash screen shows (Development test release) and then nothing. I tried also with "run as administrator" but with the same results.
If I run the mumble.exe (in folder App/Mumble) it works ok.