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Overlay Issues

Postby AngryBoojum » Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:55 pm

Hi there.

I know that certain people are experiencing issues with the overlay in Windows 8 64bit. I am one of these. I am trying to get mumble to work on EVE Online, but have tested it on a couple of other games and the overlay isn't displaying either. I am running a 64bit version of Windows 8 Pro.

I have tried the following -

1)Running mumble as admin, Running eve as admin, Running both as admin.
2)Using snapshot version 1.3.0, Using snapshot version 1.2.4 both with and without the -nod3d9ex addition in the command line.
3)Running Eve using DX9, instead of DX11
4)Running a modified version of mumble that clears the blacklist completely
5)Adding EVE and other games to the whitelist.
6)...combinations of all the above.

I have not managed to get the overlay showing in any program since installing on my machine. I know that it is a known issue with some versions or mumble and some versions of Windows 8. However some people seem to have got it working.

Have you any advice for where to go next? Is there any hope of getting this working? Are you currently working on a fix for this, and if so any idea of when a fix will be released?
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