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Messages with url's/internet links

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Hello all,

When I receive a message in mumble that is a url/internet link, it is just plain black letters. At one time, before this cpu was in a tornado/rain, I was able to get links that were blue/underlined and when I clicked on them they opened the corresponded url/internet link. I am hoping someone can help me out, may it be a mumble setting or internet setting. I am using the current 1.2.10 mumble version and windows 7. Thank you for your time.
seems to me that is a server option.
on my mumble server i enabled html then i have url/internet links.
perhaps the server you use did'nt enable html.
Thx for responding. But other people in the same server can get links.
Bumping for possible help.
It sounds like a font issue....

Maybe try loading Mumble in admin mode?