Question on Debian build updates

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Question on Debian build updates

Postby Lazer » Tue Aug 11, 2015 8:42 am


I currently use Debian for my mumble server and it currently sits at version 1.2.8-2 which is the latest version in the debian repos.

I noticed on the Mumble wiki it states the following:
Debian unstable has the latest release at all times in it's repository, and snapshots in experimental. Backports to current stable are done as soon as the package reaches testing (usually a week after release).

However, the repo hasn't been updated in awhile it seems, which is a concern as the current mumble version is 1.2.10. Should I just be using the static server instead? I wanted to avoid doing so as it was recommended to use packages on the install page, but I'd like to keep my mumble server up to date.

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