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Hello everybody, installing mumble on a pair of machine (ubuntu).
One will be a laptop routing the nation, the other a fixed pc.
The idea is to have the laptop user to "ring" the fixed machine for and high quality audio 2way connection.

My question is: the fixed machine have to be a mumble server or mumble could run peer2peer?


Mumble requires a client/server connection, it's not designed for P2P. Richard Stallman suggests "Ekiga, Mumble, Jitsi" so you might look into one of the other two software packages and see if they're P2P if running a server isn't something you want to do.
I installed the server and runs quite well on an old dell 2950.
Do you think i can install the client on the same machine?
The reason is that the server has installed a multichannel sound card and i got 4 mono outputs and 4 input unused and i wish to get audio i/o from that machine.

The audio routing at the moment is made trough jack, any known problem with mumble and jack ?

thanks a lot,


Lots of people run a server on the same machine as their client, it should work fine.

I don't know the first thing about Jack though, sorry.
Did you figure this out Fredrico?

It sounds like you were on the right track.

Essentially: Install the Murmur server onto your "fixed PC". Also, setup a Mumble client on the PC as well. Have it connect to "localhost" at whatever port you set Murmur to listen on.

Setup a client on your laptop.

You're going to have to connect over the internet (via port fowarding and dynamic DNS or static IP, or VPN).

I don't understand your audio routing question though. But there are many options available and you should be able to use what you want.
Entrepwn3rr wrote:Did you figure this out Fredrico?

It sounds like you were on the right track.
Yeah, can we get an update on this? I'm interested in how you'd route the audio too.