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Ubuntu PPA Stable a release behind.

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PPA at version 1.2.12 while stable is 1.2.13. Please kick the bot. :)
What bot?

This likely has to do with how Ubuntu handles packages. You can also go get the latest version from Mumbe's website or add the Mumble projects repository I think?

I tend to just use the latest version on whatever distribution I'm using.

I'm pretty sure Ubuntu gets their repository packages from Debian Unstable. So its a bit behind the latest, greatest version released by the Mumble Project.
PPA = Personal Package Archive.
Ubuntu allows you to distribute packages through your PPA, more easily and less formal than you having to become a maintainer for the official repositories.

We host a PPA for Ubuntu packages, in which we distribute our binaries/packages.
So what he was pointing at (the PPA) actually is what you probably had in mind.

The PPA is indeed still at 1.2.12.
We had releases with updated libraries, which may not apply to Ubuntu when those are shared dependencies resolved through packages, rather than statically linked.
Now, I would not expect this to span up to version 15.
I'll ask if this is deliberate.

1.2.15 is available in our PPA now.