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Update on Feature Implementation?

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Hi there, I was wondering if I could get a response from one of the devs about the status of a planned mumble feature (Group flags). It was requested on Sourceforge ( way back in 2008 and one of the developers wrote that "it is very probable we will implement something like that".

On the wiki (, it also shows group flags as a "To Do" for v. 1.2.X.

It now being 8 years later, I would just like to know if this feature still being worked on? Among everyone that I know who uses mumble, it is the one thing consistently asked for.

Github issue #1632: Channel and User Group Flags (Icons) looks like a follow-up FR.

On the linked FR on SF, not sure what you think was a post by a developer of us, as I can’t see one.

Currently, nobody is working on this feature AFAIK.
It definitely will not happen in 1.2.x. :)
Maybe in 1.3.x, if someone actually starts working on it.
I was referring to the first Sourceforge link, first reply by Stefan H. (dd0t). Is he not a Mumble developer?

But I see. Thanks for the info. Here's hoping.
Yes he is.
There’s a lot of (other) stuff to do though, and very limited time on our hands.