Dear Kissaki,

Is that your real name? CooL

The developer of the clone in question can probably do it, if they haven't already. I'd need to find out who that is and ask them.

You say by changing this value, guarantee's various audio endpoints (and output) of mumble mandate one rate,right? Then no need to worry..

Are you familiar with software development specifically? I'd like to ask if its possible in windows applications to force output rate when in shared mode. I suspect it can only be done exclusive mode.

FWIW somebody else pressed a similar concern over at Passmark software forum. Evidently its an important issue that seems to be ignored alot of the time. Digital audio and multiple rates really is a bane in this age, alot of the time most equipment is not used to their full potential, for both recording and playback and that fuzzy software part in between aswell, regrettably.