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What's Reachable Filter?

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What's Reachable filter in the server list and how to become a server to reachable?
Some servers are not in the reachable filter but we can join to it.
Huh, I wasn't even aware of these filters.

Anyway, Reachable should list only servers that you can reach.
When you open the server list of a country, it will initially not show any servers, but then try to reach them.
As soon at it verified the server is online it shows the server with the ping and number of users information.

Show all will also show you servers that are registered as public, but have not been reachable from your end (yet), or are down at that moment - in addition to the reachable ones.

Show populated will only show those with users on it (and it being reachable).

These filters do not apply to the favorites list. Only to the "public internet" list.