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How to: Join Channel with ShortCut

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I would love to have the possibility to jump to a predefined Channel with a shortcut.

Right now there´s a "Join Channel" function in shortcuts, but it´s only possible to use it for jump so the selected channel.
I wish the Data field/column had an option, just like the "Shout to channel" function, where you can select either the current - the Parent - the Root - a sub channels or a specific channel.

This way it would be possible to navigate channels without using the mouse.
It´s already there, here´s the solution: ... shortcuts/

If you do not wish to Shout to the channel while to enter it, you can add a dummy group in the "restrict to group" field.
I'm a little confused as to where this is discoverable to the user, but anyway:

You can combine the Join Channel shortcut with the Whisper/Shout to shortcut.
The second is then used as a targeter, while the first one specifies the action.

For example:
If you bind '1' to 'Join Channel', and '2' to 'Whisper/Shout to' .. 'channel 2',
if you now press and hold '1' and then press '2', you will join 'channel 2'.
I had no idea stuff like this was possible. Is there anywhere a complete list on neat 'tricks' like that btw?