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Does Mumble Overlay require being whitelisted by companies?

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I've been studying the Mumble overlay code, and after scouring the internet, I learned that some companies/organizations whitelist fullscreen overlay implementations and require certified code to run DirectX hooks. Was it necessary for Mumble to be whitelisted by Blizzard so that the overlay could appear in games like Overwatch? I'm asking because I want to build an informational overlay similar to Mumble's. Thanks in advance!

no, there is no such whitelisting by publishers, or at least we are not aware of it.

We hook into the D3D libraries loaded into memory by the OS. We replace the library code in memory to make it jump into our code, where we do our thing, run the duplicated code we copied before replacement, and then redirect back to the rest of the original code.
Thanks kissaki for your response! It seems like there might be blacklisting by publishers? Is that why the Mumble overlay doesn't work for Fortnite?
Yes and no. Publishers don’t really have control over if we hook in or not. For those APIs we support we always hook in.

This does depend on some stuff though, and publishers can work around that.

I remember there was a time when SMITE repeatedly changed with updates where it switched between working and not working. Not sure what they changed back and forth.

I don’t know what API Fortnite uses, and what actually prevents the overlay from showing.