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Neverwinter Nights - can it work crossplatform? Android/PC

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So Neverwinter Nights: EE is not one of the listed games at the moment. I want to start working on it; I am fairly confident I can make it work (though I am also fairly confident I'll run into trouble and ask you guys for help :) )

Anyway, the thing is that Neverwinter Nights is crossplatform: you can play it via your mobile phone with people playing with their PC on the same server. This is an amazing feature which they recently made possible.

Would it be theoretically possible to make mumble work on both android/PC with people playing on the same server, or is that a pipe dream?
I’m not sure I understand your question. Mumble can be used entirely independent of games. So yes, of course you can use it on multiple platforms and connect to the same server to talk.