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Little Blue Men

Mumble about Mumble
Thank you for the new version, But
the little blue and green men are cute but difficult to see the difference,
I have Mumble on a different monitor than my game so I can see who is speaking.
The older version used a large red icon to see who was talking. This worked very well.
Can you at least make one of the "small men" turn red?
Hello, there are several ways to change the Speaking Icon, The easiest way would be to use the classic theme. However this looks outdated. If you are decent with computers, you can create a [url=]Mumble Theme[/url].

Hope this helps!
- Zing

P.S: If you aren't very techy, I can create a basic theme that changes the colors to red for you.
There has been discussion on this in

And there is an open change request at

Unfortunate that we were not able to solve this before 1.4