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Our stats for murmur with 800 user peak

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Our server stats, may be will be useful for someone thinking about installing server.

Machine specs: CoreDuo i3-560 3.33Ghz / 4Gb RAM / 2x500Gb SATA, Gentoo Linux, running only murmur.
Graph in bits per second, not bytes,

Maximum online - ~800 users, 10-30 per channel most of time. Bandwith per user limited to 60 kbps.
CPU usage - slightly noticeable. 2-5% according to "top" command.
Memory - 200-400 Mb approx.
Load average: 0.4 max
In case image won't load:
Inbound bandwidth max: 3 mbps (0.37 Mbps)
Outbound bandwidth max: 27 mbps (3.4 Mbps).
Total traffic in/out: 12.9/77.3 Gb
Thank you for sharing!
I’m gonna add a link in the wiki.
If people find this information useful I'm happy to share!

The right axis is the number of users connected, the left axis is bandwidth.
Hi commandchannel,
Could you provide your machine specs?
I have a question regarding how users were split, not just regarding channels but also server instances.

All 800 users counted on that screenshot were on a single Mumble server or multiple instances of mumble server running on the same machine?
Very interesting graphs. Thanks for sharing.