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Mumble without Pulseaudio please?

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I run Debian Testing on my computer and I use ALSA instead of Pulseaudio, as I have problems with it. Unfortunately in order to be able to use Mumble, pulse is a dependency. Is there anyway I can install Mumble without having to install Pulse? If not, could I request that it be made possible to run Mumble without needing to have Pulse?

Thank you.
The dependency is due to the build dependency of mumble. This is transferred to the binary package dependencies. We could ask the maintainer of the package to not transfer this depency and leave it as a suggestion/recommendation. In the meanwhile you can install the mumble package without installing the depenencies by downloading the package and installing it manually with dpkg.

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dpkg --force-depends -i
With this action you will end up with a broken packages, but pulseaudio will not be installed. You will need to install all the other dependencies for mumble to work.

You can also try the following line. So mumble will only be installed when all the other dependecies are met

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dpkg --ignore-depends=libpulse0 -i
BTW, mumble is only dependent on the libpulse0 library and not on pulseaudio. And pulseaudio is only suggested by libpulse0.