People in my mumble sound like robots?

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
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People in my mumble sound like robots?

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I have been running this server for around 6 months and have had no problems so im not sure if its the server or myself. This started today where all my friends sound like robots constantly. Sometimes they will clear up but then they dont come through all the way so im only getting a small part of what theyre saying. Ive tried restarting the server, restarting my computer, trying different options on my client but nothings working.Teamspeak works fine and I can connect to the internet just fine, its only mumble doing this. Is anyone else having this problem and if people have had it before how do you fix it?

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Re: People in my mumble sound like robots?

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Are you experiencing robotic or distorted voice in mumble?

Open Mumble

Open the Mumble Configuration Menu
At the top of the Mumble program click the "Configure" option then click "Settings".

Set Advanced Mode
At the bottom left of the program select the "Advanced" option.

Change the Compression Settings
Try lowering the codec quality down a few selections, as well as increasing the audio per packet setting up a few selections.

Increase the "Jitter Buffer"
Try increasing the Jitter Buffer up a few selections and see if this helps any.

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