Prevent Mumble from beeing detecet as com app Win10?

It crashed, it is bugged, ...

Prevent Mumble from beeing detecet as com app Win10?

Postby deltree » Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:02 am

I know that's probably a little bit Strange (and I'm not even sure this is the right sub forum).

But is there a way to prevent Mumble from being detected as communications software in Win10?

The Long Story
I have a Bluetooth Related Problem with Programs that Windows recognizes as communications Software.
AP2D and HFP works at the same time until I start a Communications software like Mumble or Skype (and when I'm in the Audio device recording tab ???).
But it perfectly works on normal programs like Steam or Audacity.
If did find nothing about my problem online and got none answers to the problems on message boards.
The support of the involved companies was only got in shifting the blame to the next company.

So I though maybe I could do things back to front. If windows (or the driver) did not realize that Mumble is a communications software it would also solve my problem (Skype isn't as important).
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