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Directional audio not working?

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
Is directional audio even working for people? I have it enabled and stuff (so do my friends) but for some reason I can't get it to work. I have Mac and he has Windows, I'm trying to do this with Minecraft (I have the mod installed, it even says Mumble linked in both chats {Minecraft and Mumble}).
Is one of you hosting the server? My guess is, if that's the case, that the plugin is providing different "context" information to each Mumble client.

The "context" is usually some sort of a representation of the server you're on - many plugins use IP:port for example. World of Warcraft includes the zone, because positional information isn't relevant if you're in different zones. Mumble will throw away the positional data if the context doesn't match it's own, so that you don't "hear" someone standing right next to you in a completely different server.

If one of you is hosting the server and is on a LAN IP (or localhost even), and the other is connecting via a different IP, then it probably won't work.