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No Server Password field

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
On my main Computer the add/ edit server dialog is showing a field to enter the server password, on my VM it is not. They are both using the same (current) snapshot of mumble.
We have some funny logic to only show the password when we think we'll need it. I'm pretty sure it's located in ConnectDialog.cpp, and the basic idea is "if username is SuperUser, or there's already a password set, show the password field, otherwise don't".

I just tested this, and that appears to be the logic behind it. Fun fact: "SuperUser" is case-sensitive for some reason, I think that's a bug.

If you connect to a server that needs a password (either because the server has a password "incorrect password for unregistered user", or because the username is registered and your certificate doesn't match "incorrect password for registered user" - note that the latter does not imply a password is actually set), Mumble will prompt for one.