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Mumble is very low on my dxtory recordings

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
This is because of the attenuation option. But I need that option to hear people while playing world of warcraft.
Any idea why this is happening. This happens only on the recording, mumble is at normal volume when playing, just recorded video is coming back with softer mumble voices.
Did you try with attenuation disabled and it was not an issue then?
Yes, problem goes away. But I can't I need to have it turned on.
Next thing I would check is the systems Volume Mixer, and verify Mumbles volume does not show up as lower than usual.

Anyway, from what you say I’d have to look at the code/windows audio documentation to see where the issue could come from.
Could also test if this is also an issue with other programs. I would expect dxtory to record audio unchanged, so other recording programs should have the same issue with attenuation on.