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6% packet loss and robotic voice

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
So lately iv been having a 6%ish packet loss across the board in mumble.

iv done a few packet loss tests from google and i pass them all, but dont get why im getting packet loss in mumble. I tried skype voice echo test and no packet loss there. the mumble server is in the eu and im in the us, could there be a line problem?
If you have access to, try running mtr and pointing it at the Mumble server's IP (there's a Windows version too, but I've never used it).

The answer is probably yes, that the issue is a saturated link somewhere between you and the server, which will definitely cause the robotic voices. Other things to consider: are you the only user on that server that's affected by the issue (it could very well be the server's link that's overwhelmed), and does any other server also have the same problem?

There's a tiny, tiny chance that your ISP might be mistaking the torrent of UDP voice packets as it attacking you and attempting to shield you from it, but I think that's incredibly unlikely to be the case here... I saw it exactly twice in many years running a commercial host, and it didn't end up with packet loss in some low percentage, they blackholed all UDP packets from the server until the user complained.