Mouse dont work in mumble..

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
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Mouse dont work in mumble..

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Yesterday i bought some cheap mouse in tesco. I check 5-6 programs and 3-4 games and it works fine - but in mumble it dont.

Mumble got 2 windows - one with communicates, info etc. and other with channals, peoples etc. - so.. sometimes it dont work in first window, and sometimes it dont work in 2nd windows.. sometimes it dont work in any window. I cant close mumble or do anything, program works fine - I can speak, i hear people etc.

Or other example - when i have "Mumble Connection" window at the start, i can choose by mouse channals but when i want to click "Connect" "Add New Channal.." or "Cancle" it dont work.

I'm not sure in 100% if its mumble problem or my news mouse, but it lookse like its. Like i said - in other programs, games mouse works fine.

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