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Problem with shortcuts on Whisper

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the shortcuts. I'm trying to create shortcuts to whisper to one user. When I click on the "Data" button on the shortcuts window to choose the users, a list appears with all the active users. I choose one from the dropdown list and then click to add button. But then, when I click the accept button, Mumble changes the name of the user to the last user who has logged in the server and I can't whisper to the user that I have chosen because it does not let me configure it correctly.

Someone knows to that can it be? Thanks

What version of Mumble are you on? Anything else unique about your installation?
Finally I resolved the problem reinstalling Mumble in all the computers. I have 4 raspberry pi with Linux and Mumble installed on it. I clone from one raspberry with mumble sd to the other 3. I don't know exactly what info confuse to de program but although I connect to the server using diferent user names, I supose that some info remains in database or configuration files in mumble from first raspberry to the other three cloned.

Finally I have reinstalled Raspbian in all the raspberry and Mumble one by one and it works.