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Sound goes off after 10-30 mins on Mac

It crashed, it is bugged, ...

I'm using Mumble on my Mac and the sound just cuts out after between 10-30 mins of use. When it does this it takes out all sound on my mac and the only fix I can find is to restart.
I've tried creating a new user account on my mac to test if it happened there and it still did. I have also tried running different sound sources such as iTunes, youtube etc and none of them cut if I am not running Mumble.
I am using a Creative Sounblaster Omni 5.1 external sound card yet the problem still occurs on internal speakers.

Has anyone else had this issue that could point me to a solution?
How do you recover from that?

I thought there was an option to reset the audio device in Mumble, but I can't find it right now...

If this is an issue of the sound card handling low latency audio - you could try increasing the jitter buffer in the audio output settings.