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It crashed, it is bugged, ...
Hello Mumble,

We have an issue with a machine where all the servers on the machine do not show in the public servers list.

I crossed checked this with another machine and all the servers on the other machine show fine.

Is there a possibility there is some sort of black list for the public servers list that our machine IP could of possibly dropped into ?

Kristian 'Magnus' Jackson
No, I am not aware of any IP blacklist on our public server list server.
Please could you provide any information that might help us find out why a particular machine worth of Mumble servers is not showing on the Mumble Public Server list.

If not no worries, we will investigate further.

Thanks for your time.
Sorry for the delayed reply. I tried to find out if our server logs anything. Our registry server does answer with some error information on issues, which I was told should be sent as a reply to the client. I am not sure/I have not verified if the client (in this case the Mumble server) is logging that information.

Did you check the servers log for any public server list registry information?