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Mumble no connect because of timeout

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
I really do not understand this. I installed mumble and are trying to connect to a private server. I can connect to all open servers, I can connect to other private servers, but not this one.

In my server menu, i have a ping and can see how much users are connected to that server, but when I try to connect, I get the timeout. The server is configured in a way that it does not need any certificates. With plumur on my mobile i can connect, but not with my windows mumble on three different workstations in 3 different networks. They told me, that other users with windows can connect without any problem...

What can I do, why can I connect to other similar configured servers, but not this one?

Can anyone help?

I use a 64bit windows 10pro.

Many thanks for your help

Hm, that sounds pretty strange indeed.

Being able to see the ping and user count shows that network packets in general do get through. So connecting to the server should work fine.

Can you yourself or ask the server admin to check the server log, if the server logs any reason why you disconnect? Or if the server simply loses/timeouts the connection as well?

This may be of interest? ... _I_connect.