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Volume keeps fluctuating

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
Incoming voices keep fluctuating between normal volume and extremely low volume.
And you think that’s an issue on the other persons end or your end?

I have a friend who sometimes gets low volume as well. Others don't tho. So it's on his end. Mic problems.
How do you go about figuring out if it's indeed a mic problem and not something else? I experience this as well from time to time.
Do you experience the issue at specific times, after specific actions? E.g. when just starting out using it? Being able to reproduce it would be most helpful.

Checking the mic volume in Mumbles settings, and Windows audio input device settings would be helpful to see if it is a mic input volume issue.
If you have noise cancellation active or other effects/enhancements those could play a role as well. E.g. if you use a dynamic noise cancellation or amplification, it could be depending on a few seconds of audio to reasonably guess what and how much it should be doing - and then adjust accordingly.

So playing around and disabling such enhancements and settings could be useful to find out the cause.