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Mumble on Raspberry Pi

Posted: 14 Mar 2019, 19:59
by Froish
I have mumble set up on a Raspberry pi running Raspbian Jessie with a USB microphone for input and HDMI out to a TV for sound out, and every time I restart the pi I have to go back through the audio configuration and reselect the USB sound card. It keeps reverting back to ALSA. This is a big issue since this pi is up above the ceiling. It does most everything through python scripts and wireless transmissions. To fix Mumble I have to get up on a ladder with keyboard and mouse to rerun the configuration every time I reboot which is a huge hassle. Does anyone know why its not saving my settings through a reboot?

Re: Mumble on Raspberry Pi

Posted: 16 Mar 2019, 21:16
by kissaki
This is about the Mumble client?

Did you verify that Mumble stores its settings, and that storage is persistent across reboots?

For the path see

Personally I’m not familiar with the Raspberry Pi and how it handles storage.