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No connection Mumble

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
Hi, well, I have a problem with Mumble, more accurately, on my internet, I can not connect to the server - it is one server that does not go on, while on others it flashes without a problem, if it changes the internet to the internet from the phone, it works but the question - How can I make the server work on my internet, where I am still sitting.

I've tried to delete the folder from% appdata%, reinstalled the laptop and nothing helped, please help me!
How do you connect to the server?
In the connect dialog does it show a server ping?
What is the error message when you try to connect?
Ping can be seen normally, it's like the other server that works for me - as to enter the server, I get something right out of it:

[18:16:40] Welcome to Mumble.
[18:16:41] Connecting to the server.
[18:16:41] The connection to the server was interrupted due to: The remote host terminated the connection.

Of course, another server is without a problem.
Looks like you are banned or something.

If you can contact the server admin ask them to check in the server log for the connection refuse/close reason form the servers side.
Try contacting the server admin