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i installed mumble and now I cant hear anything

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
i installed mumble and I was playing some games and all of a sudden I cant hear my game or youtube etc. but i can still hear their voices. once it was closed I still cant hear anything at all now.
All of a sudden? Was it when you started the Mumble application? When you joined a server? When you started the game? Or mid-game?

When you open the Windows Volume Mixer, do you still see the other applications producing sound output? Are they not muted?

Do you still have the correct output device selected in Windows? Is the correct default device set for both standard output and communication?

In Mumbles Audio Output settings, you have "Exclusive" unchecked?
That happens with me.
I have a Bluetooth headset. When I open Mumble, sounds goes off in all applications, even Mumble.
The only place that works is the Audio Wizard.
To make it working again I need to close mumble and turn off and turn on Bluetooth.
I remember some years ago some USB head sets which provided their own audio device and sound driver had trouble with low latency/low jitter settings because of faulty drivers. Do you know if you bluetooth device uses it's own sound device in Windows?

Please try to increase the jitter butter size in mumbles audio ouput settings.
Try increasing it from 10ms to 50ms.