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Mumble crashing issue

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
My, mumble client has been crashing at random times, but it doesn't crash out right and starts working again after a min or so. I can still hear the people I'm talking to but am unable to reply but if I'm using push to talk, and if I click into the window, then the program shows that it is crashing. I'm run on 1.3.0 and rolling back to 1.2.19 has the same issues. I've tried a fresh install, including deleting the files in appdata. There are no app errors in event viewer when this happens.
Crashing typically refers to the program exiting unexpectedly.

What you describe seems to be that the program becomes unresponsive, and does not respond to input any more. When you say it shows that it is crashing, I presume you mean it shows a the program is unresponsive message.

Is that correct? Do I understand you correctly?