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create a new channel programmatically

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
I'm using Murmur server/Plumble Android client to implement VOIP service (WalkieTalkie) app using Android, now I want to be able to add channel and set a password for it programmatically, I searched in the mumble git repo and wiki but still can't find info to help in doing this. How could I implement this? and what it makes the problem is harder for me that I don't have c++ experience.
Where from/in what context/from what user/server do you want to create channels?
The clients/end users? Or server side?
I want every user at client side to be able to create a channel and set password for it to make it private and only the members that has this password can join the channel.
I will give create channel permission for all users.
Now I want to implement this create channel/set password feature programmatically at client side, currently I'm using the Plumble project ( Android Mumble Client) to built on top of it, Plumble has create channel feature but with out password, so how can I implement setting a password for a channel at client side programmtically?
If you want to do it client side, you depend on the client providing a programmable interface/some endpoints for it.

Plumble is open source, so if you want, you could check the sources and suggest changes or fork and adjusted client with this feature implemented.