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Brainstorm: Plugin

It crashed, it is bugged, ...

this first brainstorm threat is intend to give very very short ideas to a topic. come up with something short. Advance a given idea but don't criticise it.
Maybe we will come up with an idea that no one had thought about before.
I would like to start this first Post with the Topc

- Plugins-

Currently most of the Plugins focus on Postional Audio.. Can you think of a Plugin that behaves diffrent? What would you love to see? What would you hate to see?

(to show how this should work I post the first Idears my self)

* a new plugin that is able to increase or decrease the audio volume
* a new plugin that enables the user to add an internet radio station so he can listen to music in the background maybe one that connects to an audioplayer
* advance the manual positional audioplugin so instad of you are moved on the canvas the people in your channel can be moved around you.

here comes my plugin idea:
A plugin that invokes an external command on an event like i.e. user joins/leaves.
With an external command, a user could do whatever he wants.
It would be good to be able to configure a timeout, wherein the command would not be fired a second time, to not flood the system.


I think that plugin which can record people voices on channel would be nice, just like TeamSpeak, so you dont need to install external programs to do it.
just a note: the plugins are all about positional audio because that's what the plugin system is, it's a positional audio plugin system. All these ideas are all very well, but they can't be implemented in plugins currently. So what you're really asking for is a general-purpose plugin system. This would be a lot of work from the developers... I'm not saying they wouldn't consider it, but bear in mind you aren't coming up with "new ideas for plugins" - you're coming up with a large-scale redesign of large parts of mumble
frymaster127 wrote:
just a note: the plugins are all about positional audio because that's what the plugin system is, it's a positional audio plugin system.

thanks for your reply frymaster. I was not aware of that. Maybe the name of the system should be changed then from Plugin-Page to Positonal Audio Plugin page.
Never the less this is to be intended as a brainstorm threat. I know that every one posting here are aware that most of the ideas are are just fantasy and not been in development.

concerning positional audio, a sort of "conference" plugin could be made, where one member puts the others by name into some place, forming something like a round table. This would be like the manual placement plugin, but not only for yourself. A solution could be that the channel owner sends the other clients the configuration for their manual placement plugin.
As an addition, there could be a graphical representation in i.e. the overlay to show who "sits" where and if he is talking.
Please note, that I do not really need this functionality, its just an idea.
Talking about the manual placement plugin, what do context and identity mean, is this channel and username?