Asus Xonar DG No Mic Input for Mumble

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Asus Xonar DG No Mic Input for Mumble

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I recently purchased an Asus Xonar DG to replace my onboard soundmax ADI1988B because the soundmax didn't have approved drivers for Windows 7 x64 Professional. So I downloaded the newest drivers off Asus' website and made sure all the settings within windows were set. The mic boost was enabled, the input volume was set at 100%, and the mic was set as the default recording device. In an effort to minimize any possible issues I might have with mumble I also verified the mic was working with the new sound card by monitoring it in windows so that when I spoke the output came through my desktop speakers, so loud in fact that it started to create a feedback loop until I turned off monitoring of the mic.

I started mumble and to my dismay I was getting no mic input what so ever. Even though I selected the Asus Microphone as my Input nothing was being picked up, it was if the mic wasn't even plugged in. Whether it was push to talk or voice activation absolutely nothing. Output was fine, but nothing else otherwise.

I first tried using the newest drivers from Asus which were Version released on 02/14/2011. No mic input from them while using mumble so after some reading I found asus' drivers leave something to be desired so I went to the new unified driver created by CarvedInside located at his brainbit blog which were recently updated on 02/20/2011 with the same result. The mic worked when I recorded / monitored using the windows audio control panel, but nothing in mumble.

After trying both sets of these drivers and having them both produce mic output in windows recording control panel I can only conclude there is an issue with mumble itself. Is there anything I can do to try and isolate the problem within mumble so I don't have to return the sound card and incur a restock fee from newegg?
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