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Very Deep Distortion

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
When I talk, I sound like barry white in Slo-mo. And no one can understand me.

Addtional info:
On a mac OSX, running bootcamp

have reinstalled several times.

did this guide: ... -voice.php

No change overall.
Sound like the sample rate of you microphone is set to a strang number. Mumble uses a 48000Hz sample rate internally, but when a different sample rate is provided it will up/down sample it using the speex preprocessor. It could be that the sample rate provided to mumble it to far from the ideal 48000Hz. Try to change the sample rate of you mic somewhere in OSX.
I also forgot to mention that mumble is the ONLY program in which I have these problems.
How does the Mac OS native client of mumble sound?

Still slo-mo voices are normally comming from a faulty sample rate. It could be that the sample rate presented to mumble is incorrect. You could try the people on the IRC channel if they have a solution.