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Setting volume properly

Postby Jedonai » Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:17 pm

The audio wizard has absolutely no options for setting the volume at which I hear things. I can set the volume at which my mic registers but there is no type of control as to what I hear. As a result everyone speaking is extremely loud and the system is nearly unusable. For me to use it I have to set my computer volume to less than 25% which means that for anything other than mumble my sound is not usable. That is unacceptable for a communications tool, I need to be able to control my own volume.

Edit: I found a different thread that said you can adjust the volume that you hear things by going into settings and checking the advanced settings then altering the "audio output". I just want to say that that is not at all intuitive for a user, and that volume control is a basic feature that should be easily and quickly accessible , not an advanced one that is hidden by default.
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Re: Setting volume properly

Postby fwaggle » Sun Dec 14, 2014 9:14 pm

I can probably agree with this, and think that there's plenty of room for a volume slider on the "this is an example of speex" page, where you set the buffer size.

I'm not sure where we're doing feature requests at the moment, but I think adding it to the github issues page is probably a good start. If you've got a few minutes to search before doing so, please check no one else has requested it.
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